“Our core values reflect our deeply held belief that Solutions for the Planet can support positive change through our programmes, whilst remaining true to ourselves & these are promoted through all of our programmes.”

Mark Wood, Non-Executive Director – Chair, Solutions for the Planet

We turn problems into opportunities

As a social enterprise, we exist to tackle social problems by seeing the opportunities for improvement in our communities, our relationship with the environment, and young people’s life chances. Our Vision and Values are extremely important to us. We don’t have shareholders needing dividends and deciding our strategy, everything we do is to deliver our Vision and we do it in line with our Values.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a generation of young people ready and able to respond to 21st century sustainability challenges.

We want to create a world where sustainable practices are commonplace; every young person is equipped with enterprise skills that benefit people and planet; and social creativity, innovation and diversity is built into every business and workplace.

Our Values

How we approach our work and how we interact with everyone we work with is informed by and measured against our values.

  • Responsibility and Sustainability – living without harming others, achieving financial sustainability and considering how we manage resources, working towards zero impact.
  • Transparency and Integrity – communicating honestly, openly and clearly. We act as a reliable and trustworthy partner.
  • Creativity and Innovation – a drive to challenge the status quo and give everyone the freedom to be creative and innovative, thereby allowing brave, different and imaginative ways of doing things to flourish.
  • Partnership and Collaboration – we can all remember a time when we’ve had to ask for help, given help or received it from others. Such moments show why healthy partnership and collaboration are so important: we have to work together.