The Big Ideas Programme is a unique and exciting opportunity that allows students to think about their place in the world and the positive changes they have the skills and ideas to help bring about.”

Mrs Creswick, Assistant Head Teacher, Nailsea School

Our work with schools

We work with schools across the country to deliver STEM enrichment through our Big Ideas Programme with Key Stage 3 and S1-3 students, we also engage students on out S4TP Youth Insights panels.


Here are just some of the benefits that students see from taking part, they:

  • Receive high quality learning through challenging tasks
  • Extend their previous knowledge, skills and understanding, particularly around STEM
  • Develop practical and technical skills that are transferable to the workplace
  • Improve their creativity, imagination, problem solving and presentation skills
  • Increase their self-confidence and ability to be independent learners, creative thinkers and team workers
  • Receive mentoring from industry professionals
  • Have the chance to get to the National Final, usually in London
  • May have their idea recognised and adopted by industry
  • Are inspired to take action and lead change on issues that matter to them
  • Increase their access to vocational opportunities, including apprenticeships
  • Improve their awareness of potential future careers, often in previously unconsidered areas

Some of the additional benefits schools see from the programme are:

  • Cross-Curriculum, especially STEM enrichment (STEM, Geography, Citizenship, Design and ICT)
  • Increased student engagement and motivation across the curriculum
  • Activities that help to reach some Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Staff development
  • New learning opportunities through sustained interaction with local industry and community partners
  • Increased careers information, raising awareness of the opportunities available through our partnerships with local companies

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