Big Idea

The Root Problem

The Root Problem

Oaks Park High School


"We have chosen to tackle the excessive use of plastic and food waste. This is because during the time over the past decade the usage of plastic has been increasing drastically.In 1950 there was hardly any plastic inside our world. However, due to the creation of the Great Plastic Garbage Patch there became a sudden 350 million tonnes of plastic  present in the year 2010.We need to solve this problem as soon as possible, because plastic pollution is accentuating how careless we are with our rubbish and waste, and at the same time creating other big problems for us."

"Our big idea is to create cutlery made of seeds such as avocado seeds. These will be reusable and efficient. Seeds from fruits and vegetables such as avocados can be crushed and molded into different types of cutlery. After the cutlery has been used,they can be planted again to re-grow the same plant and it can be used over and over again for 2 weeks."

"Our big idea is beneficial because we are hoping it will engage our customers to make a better planet for us and for future generations. One person consumes 100kg of plastic per year, multiplied by 7.7 billion for everyone in the world - it is an unbelievable amount of plastic we use per year!  We envision for our avocado-seed cutlery to help reduce plastic waste all over the world."