“Young people – with their dynamism, their energy and their inherent understanding of our interconnected world – have much to teach us.”

Kofi Annan

S4TP Youth Insights –

The Young Persons’ Council at Northern Gas Networks

Through S4TP Youth Insights we’re forming a new Young Persons’ Council at Northern Gas Networks to bring the voices of young people like you directly to the heart of decision making within the business.

The business will benefit greatly from listening to your perspectives, which they’ll then use to inform their future strategy.

You’ll learn all about the Northern Gas Networks business model, its markets, and its current strategy to help you form ideas and opinions about how to shape the future.

Taking part in Young Persons’ Council will:

    • give you the opportunity to gain a range of skills including project management, research and presenting
    • develop and improve your own learning and performance as a critical, reflective and independent learner
    • develop and help you to apply decision making and problem solving skills while creatively demonstrating initiative and enterprise
    • help you to use these learning experiences to support your personal aspirations for further education and career development

If you are a young person between 14-19 years old and living in any of the areas on the map to the right we’d love to hear from you.

Why is this important?

‘Only half of young British adults aged 18–30 believe their education adequately prepares them for adulthood and the world of work’ – Next Generation Research, Demos and British Council, 2017

‘95 per cent of UK senior managers regard [transferable] skills as equally or more important than exam results alone’ – Business Matters Magazine, 2017

‘Skills such as communicating, working in a team and solving problems are essential in the 21st century workplace’ – Post-16 Skills Plan, 2016