“Young people – with their dynamism, their energy and their inherent understanding of our interconnected world – have much to teach us.”

Kofi Annan

S4TP Youth Insights – Youth Participation and Community Engagement

Through S4TP Youth Insights we bring the voices of young people and youth participation directly to the heart of decision making within a business by jointly creating a youth panel. Would you and your business like to:

  • Hear fresh insightful opinions?
  • Improve youth participation and community engagement?
  • Bring in a wider range of voices and perspectives to your business?
  • Develop strategies informed by potential future employees and customers?
  • Increase diversity, equality and inclusion within your stakeholder engagement?
  • Generate new ideas and improve innovation and creativity?
  • Develop employee skills, such as listening, facilitation and communications?
  • Demonstrate your CSR and Social Value?
  • Help improve social mobility?
  • Upskill future talent and support the next generation?

These are just some of the benefits available through S4TP Youth Insights and being able to listen to young people’s perspectives. Whatever business area you look after, you can use Youth Insights to inform your future strategy.

Teams Group

“Young people are the employees, customers and business entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and it’s crucial that we give them a voice as we move towards a zero carbon economy and build back better after the pandemic. It’s equally crucial that we listen to these voices, and our panel of 14 to 19-year-olds will be able to influence our senior leaders as we make the big decisions that will affect future generations.

“Last year, I signed NGN up to the Social Mobility Pledge to level up opportunity for young people.  I hope that the Young Persons’ Council can be one part of our commitment to that levelling up agenda, as it will provide a forum for young people’s views to have an impact right at the top of our business.” 

Mark Horsley, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Gas Networks

We find that diversity of background brings a valuable array of opinions not always found within a business. Agendas for S4TP Youth Insights panels are co-created between you and the panel, which leads to more meaningful and relevant engagement. The phrase we often hear is “We’d never have thought of that”.

To allow the panel to provide informed and meaningful opinions they learn all about your business model, markets, and current strategy. The panels are made up of seldom-heard voices that truly represent the communities you serve.

S4TP Youth Insights isn’t just a great way to deliver youth participation and community engagement, it also provides unique opportunities for positive PR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Value. It also bring your potential future workforce increased interaction with business, which helps equip them develop the employability skills you’re looking for.

On one of our recent panels we had over 50 applications from young people for just 15 places, so we know young people want to be heard.

SGN, one of our existing partners has set up their Future Thinkers Panel as part of S4TP Youth Insights, and as Ged Egan highlights below, the insights are actionable and therefore invaluable:

“We set up the SGN Future Thinkers Panel in 2020 and have already taken on-board the actionable insights generated from our first session. I’m really impressed with the high calibre of the young panellists recruited by S4TP.  The ideas and insights shared by this talented group of young people has been invaluable to SGN.” 

Ged Egan, Insight and Stakeholder Research Manager, SGN