“Young people – with their dynamism, their energy and their inherent understanding of our interconnected world – have much to teach us.”

Kofi Annan

S4TP Youth Insights – Youth Participation and Community Engagement

Through S4TP Youth Insights we bring the voices of young people and youth participation directly to the heart of decision making within a business.

Businesses benefit greatly by being able to listen to young people’s perspectives, which they can then use to inform future strategy. We find that diversity of background brings a valuable array of opinions not always found within the business. Agendas for S4TP Youth Insights panels are co-created between the business and the panel, which leads to more meaningful and relevant engagement. The phrase we often hear is “We’d never have thought of that”.

To allow the panel to provide informed and meaningful opinions they learn all about the business model, its markets, and its current strategy. The panels are made up of seldom-heard voices that truly represent the communities served by the business.

S4TP Youth Insights isn’t just a great way to deliver youth participation and community engagement, it also provides businesses with unique opportunities for positive PR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Value. Employers also appreciate that this brings their potential future workforce increased interaction with business, which helps equip the younger generation with the employability skills they’re looking for.

On one of our recent panels we had over 50 applications from young people for just 15 places, so we know young people want to be heard.

Teams Group

We’re currently recruiting!

We’re looking for young people to join our latest S4TP Youth Insights panel – the Young Persons’ Council at Northern Gas Networks. If you’re a passionate 14 to 19 year old and interested in sustainable energy infrastructure click the button to find out how to get involved!