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“We have chosen using nanorobotics and similar technologies in order to help effectively reduce cancer because every person in our team has had family members, friends or know somebody affected by cancer. The majority – 58% – of cancer patients’ conditions are not preventable, and at least 36.9% of people discover that they have cancer in their lives (nearly 14.9 million people.) This means that nearly one out of every two people will have some form of cancer in their lifetime. These figures are extremely disturbing and are deserving of our attention and focus.

“Part one of our Big Ideas is a product.  In order to find any abnormalities, the Nano-cell must be administered through consuming a tablet with a shell. The shell – containing radioisotopes – is attracted to cancerous cells, which can be heated through infra-red lights. The heated shell will have absorbed the infra-red radiation, and is then absorbed by the cancerous tissue. This then essentially burns the tissue away and destroys the tumor from the inside out.”

“Developing the Nano-cell technology will require a great deal of investment and funding, so the second part of our Big Idea will be a to start a fundraising campaign to raise both money and awareness of Cancer in general, but specifically in our new screening methodology.”

“Our Big Idea is achievable because the technology we are going to use already exists. We have thought of a new application for it – if our technology is used to screen and diagnose cancer, it can save millions of lives and potentially be used to prevent other problems such as blood clots. This product has an unlimited scope worldwide and could benefit millions of cancer patients and their families. This is because our Big Idea is an invention that can prevent and cure cancer efficiently and quickly, reducing stress and recovery time.”



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“We have chosen to tackle mental health and mental health awareness. We chose to focus on this problem because we feel it is important to help those with mental health and to make sure everyone has a better understanding of those who have mental disabilities.”

“Mental disorders don’t just affect the person with the mental disorder; it also affects those around them. UTime can also be used as a method of learning about mental disorders and understanding more about them. If more people had a better understanding of what it was like to live with a mental disorder, they would be more caring and kinder.”

‘Our idea is a service: it’s a mental health app, teaching people about awareness and improving how people think with mental health. You play games using a chosen avatar, and that information will be recorded and given to behavioural scientists and neurologists to study the way a person with mental health thinks through neuroplasticity, a way to rewire the brain.”


Drone Aid

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“We are tackling a range of issues, such as unnecessary loss of life such as at the recent fire in a London Tower block, as we feel that it is a very big concern to our society. We’re also introducing a new innovative transport system to help all the care services. We are making it easier to save lives and deliver critical equipment to people that need it at that precise moment.All you have to do is call the emergency service that you need at the time and the drone will come zooming there.

“Our big idea is to invent 3 different types of drone: one for the NHS, Fire safety and Rescue services. These drones will also aim to reduce casualties to the workers in their times of saving someone. 

The Hyper Monkeys

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“We have chosen to tackle Global Goal Number 3 – Good Health. We chose to focus on this problem as, evidently, more and more people are becoming overweight, especially children.”

“The problem with fast food is that it contains a lot of calories, calories that are unhealthy when not burned through frequent exercise. This is why we have created a fun, yet educational, app that allows children to access these health benefits, without them directly realising that they are losing weight.”

“Our Big Idea is a Product called The Hyper Monkey Band. Our product is also supported by a parent app, which allows parents to feel involved in the process. It also allows parents to monitor their child’s progress, which will hopefully encourage parents to motivate their child to succeed. “



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“We have chosen to tackle the problem of people forgetting to take their medicationStudies have consistently shown that 20% to 30% of medication prescriptions are never taken for the full course, and that approximately 50% of medications for chronic disease are not taken as prescribed due to human error. This lack of adherence causes approximately 125,000 deaths and at least 10 percent of hospitalisations a year, as well as costing the NHS between £71.5 billion to £206.8 billion a year.”

“Our big idea is the product and service MediPing, an app that alerts you when you need to take your medication. We would use a QR we add on to prescriptions and we scan it into our app and allow you to set times for when you want to take it. For repeat prescriptions, when you have a week’s worth of medication left, it will alert you to call your pharmacy.

“Our app will aid people who forget to take their medicine, this will help them to stay healthy and will save the NHS millions of pounds a year. Our app will also save the lives of the thousands of people who could die from forgetting their crucial medication.”

Stop Bullying

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“We have chosen to tackle the problem of Bullying. Over 3.2 million pupils are victims of bullying each year. Around 160,000 teenagers skip school every day because of it, this would decrease the education of 100,000+ students over their life. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year. Bullying will also affect the family and friends of the victim causing potential depression and self-harm. Also this can affect the victim’s development as, if they are bullied at school they might not pay attention to work from the fear of getting bullied

“Our big idea is to stop bullying through having a website, a website which will have a game, which is VR compatible, that you start as a character being bullied and you make its choices that will choose your fate. We also will have a forum where you can get advice from. This is a product that we hope stops bullying once and for all. Also there is an Agony Aunt and Understanding Uncle that can support you every step of the way. This is available to all mobile phone and computer/laptop users.”

“This website will be aimed at anybody who is a victim of bullying, and it has a chance of changing the way that bullies think. And if victims are changed by this project it may change their lives and the people around them such as family and friends. It can also benefit the culprit’s lives too, as they will realize that what they are doing is wrong. This can affect their lives for the better, as they will no longer be the hurtful bully, they will be the caring buddy.”



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“There are approximately 116 rough sleepers in Portsmouth who are homeless due to a variety of reasons. An interview with Hope House (homeless shelter in Portsmouth) indicated that most homeless people in Portsmouth are rough sleepers because they can’t afford rent, they have experienced domestic violence or loss of employment, they abuse substances or they leave home due to circumstances beyond their control.”

“The homeless shelters our school has engaged with, have indicated that they receive many donations for food and toiletries etc. which take care of the residents’ physical needs, but there is not a lot of resources that help to take care of their mental health or emotional needs. The problem with this is that homeless people finds themselves in a vicious cycle of trying to improve their circumstances but they can’t because they suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental disabilities.”

“Our Big Idea is called Skills4Change. It is a charitable service which focuses on providing opportunities for improving the mental health of residents in homeless shelters. In order to do this, homeless residents will need to learn skills that can help them bring about the change they are looking for. We want to teach and train homeless residents in shelters how to grow their own fresh produce. Learning to take care of something that is important to them will improve their mental wellbeing as they will have an opportunity to build friendships while learning how to become independent with a sense of purpose.”

“Our charitable service will benefit homeless residents, the shelter and wider community. Homeless residents will learn new skills and in so doing will gain an increase in confidence, therefore improving their mental health. With our project, the shelter is given an extra resource that will help them to address the mental needs of rough sleepers. Because our project aims to get rough sleepers off the streets and onto a piece of land where they can tend their own vegetable patch, we decrease the amount of homeless people sitting around in shop doors, begging for money in the community.”



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“We are going to tackle the growing issue of addiction to technology. We chose this because this is a modern-day problem that affects us and our community: people get so addicted, they can’t take their eyes off the screen. If it is not dealt with, it can last for centuries. This is a problem because technology is advancing more and more, so people will be affected even more. Children in school are so preoccupied with technology that they don’t focus on their education and well-being. As of late 2017, a poll on mobile device usage from Common Sense Media found that 50 percent of teens said they “feel addicted” to their mobile devices.

“Our big idea is a product in the form of an app that will limit daily use on mobile phones. It will provide a reason for younger people to turn off their phones and focus on the real world. The main concept is a point-based system that you will receive from staying off your device for a set amount of time chosen by the user, each providing a different point amount based on the time you ‘Power Down’. After you have received these points, there will be prizes provided by local and growing businesses trying to promote themselves.”

“Our app is aiming to benefit most teenagers who will want to gain gifts while doing something productive instead of sitting down doing nothing. We feel that most people will want to try the app because they can receive items for only staying away from their device for a set amount of time. When off screens, there are many benefits including reducing eyestrain, helping to prevent headaches, improving sleep and increasing focus.”

Love Life

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“The problem is people fall ill every day with cardiovascular diseases – some people are vulnerable due to diseases such as diabetes type II that may be fatal and can lead to death without you even having a clue. Our main goal is to prevent this from ever happening. Many companies have released some products that attempt to stop this crisis; however, these products are only making life harder by being bulky and unfashionable.”

“Our big idea is to create a product that monitors your body temperature, ECG, blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure. This device acts (and looks) like a watch, which goes on your wrist and checks your body heat, heart rate and sugar levels. With solar power, this product will outshine all other competitors like Fitbit.”

“This is beneficial because it can be carried more often so you will have a tracker even if you are travelling without having to carry large machines this also is more efficient and could save lives in a crisis for example if a fire happened, you could run to safety with your tracker on. ”

“Our product is creative because it not only monitors health like the bulky devices that are utilized in hospitals, it takes the element of fashion into account, thus creating a presentable product that also carries out a useful purpose. In modern day society, fitness is an important factor in day-to-day life, for both young and old. Therefore, we target the whole population, including companies and organisations that specialise in fitness.”


The Life of Tents

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“We are tackling issues involving: natural disasters, war zones and LIDC (lower income developing) countries. We chose this issue seen as though it is the most achievable and effective over a short period of time due to the given fact that the most effective way to save the planet, is to save the people. The consequence of ignoring this is that innocent people and the planet shall suffer if one person does not agree with another country.”

“Our idea is to provide a variety of life saving products. First we will grow support by making our peers aware, this is the first step in our attempt to save the planet from suffering. As well as this basing our theory on the quote ‘if you feed a man fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man how to catch a fish then they will last for a lifetime’. Our campaign involves products such as an collapsible tent that will provide all the protection that you will need for those who need it. We will also add an additional water filter made of reused wood which will allow for them to have purified water as well as the material being durable, strong and renewable, it is also reuseable the so it helps with the environment.”

“This idea is beneficial due to saving the mother nature contamination of land and water by human waste. This occur when thousands of humans are forced to settle in a new area. It would be beneficial to the planet as well as the people if they could have, by some miracle, a place of residence that’s portable and contains the basic necessities.”

“Our vision is to help people in desperate times because of war, natural disasters or low income when food can be scarce and resources are limited. We also dream of a future where you can make your home anywhere and anytime. This is aimed for a specific group of consumers. However, this can be used for anyone in any situation.”