Blog – Words that move us

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Each Monday morning at out team meetings we dedicate the first 15 minutes to a rotating chair to share something of their choice. It could be an article they want to discuss, a question, a song, a poem, it’s dealers (or rather chair’s) choice.

This week I was in the hot seat and the theme I picked was ‘words that move me’. I was focussing on poetry for some reason but for different people there are many different types of words that move them and in true Solutions for the Planet style we had people bucking the trend. Thinking about words that move, motivate, inspire, quieten, ground and support us is a really powerful thing. We learn at school that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”, and whilst I understand why this is important in the context that we learn it, I wonder whether it starts us on a path of not appreciating the positive (as well as negative) power of words. So today, on #MentalHealthAwarenessDay and just following from #NationalPoetryDay, I encourage you to have a think, dig deep into your book shelves, YouTube history, messages from friends and/or the richness of your mind and find some words that move you, in a good way. Writing this now, there are many more words that come to my mind that I would love to share but in an effort to stay on track here are some of mine, and the teams thoughts:

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