Sarah Milburn


“S4TP brings together the creativity and fresh ideas of schoolchildren with the experience and guidance of adults in the business world for projects that look to sustainably improve our planet – what can be better than that?!”

Sarah’s background is in education, training and the utilities market. She taught English as a second language in England, Japan and Canada, and has 15 years’ experience as a TESOL Teacher Trainer.  She was a founder member of her school’s CSR committee in Montreal, and involved both her students and local businesses in fundraising and volunteering for local and global charities.

Outside of work, Sarah has set up a community group in her town called Keep Bromsgrove Beautiful and she organises neighbourhood litter picks and other community projects.  She is also on the steering group of the local Friends of the Earth group and, with them, is working towards Bromsgrove’s Plastic-Free Community status.

Sarah’s strengths and experience lie in working with people of all ages to get the best out of them, and empowering them to get the best out of others, with the ultimate goal of improving their communities and beyond. It only takes one person to make a change, and the ripples from that one person’s action can reach further than you think.