Jamie Baughan


“It’s been one of the pleasures of my life working with Solutions for the Planet over the last 8 years.  Each year seems to get more exciting, more innovative and more ambitious than the last.  This is partly down to the incredible team at Solutions but it is also about the brilliant, tenacious young people that we work with and the hard work that they and their schools put in.  At a challenging time for the world it lifts my soul to be surrounded by such creativity, passion, determination and desire to change the world for the better.”

I first became involved with S4TP hosting the regional final events all around the country – this used some of the skills that I employ in my other profession, working as an actor on stage and on screen.  I enjoy meeting new people, sharing ideas and communicating – all things that I use in both my acting work and my work with S4TP.

When I’m not working with Solutions for the Planet, I love doing my other job – acting!  When I’m not doing that, I love playing music (I play the guitar, piano, saxophone and trumpet), playing sport (golf especially) and dancing.  Avid Leicester City FC fan!