Francesca Isherwood

“Hearing about the ground-breaking ideas for sustainable business and better living that the young people come up with has always been truly inspiring and pushed me to take more responsibility for our world.”

I have had the best introduction to Solutions For the Planet through hosting a number of the Big Ideas finals. My role as Associate means I get to meet the teams and their teachers, and find out more about what motivates them to help save our planet. I can help the young people with the confidence to keep pushing through their problem solving, and find new and creative ways to approach their problem and pitch their Big Ideas for sustainability.

I am an actor and facilitator, and just as importantly an environmental activist! I am always learning about our planet, and what human beings can do to make sustainable decisions for our future. I love to go to the theatre, cook for my family and friends, and travel the world when I can (though I’m always conscious of flying!)