Aurora Basso

“Young people will inherit the earth, they are the future. And at Solutions for the Planet I really feel that young people are at the forefront of everything we do and a source of inspiration for me and those who get to see all their amazing Big Ideas. I feel more confident about the future, knowing that these brilliant young minds are being equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to innovate and take action to tackle the biggest issues of our times.”

Aurora is a Global Studies and Politics graduate who is passionate about intersectional  environmentalism. She is eager to create positive spaces where young people can access the information and develop the skills required to change things for the better. She believes that this generation truly cares about social and environment justice and that they have infinite potential.

Outside of work, Aurora likes to spend time with family and friends, cook over-complicated recipes and follow Brazilian politics. She also loves to travel and get to know different cultures, as well as people with the most diverse backgrounds and life stories.