Angelina Harrington-Malaugh

“At S4TP, young people get to look at sustainability challenges that mean something to them, students are put in the driving seat and asked to come up with solutions to sustainability issues that are important to them and their communities. Looking after the planet is everyone’s responsibility and it’s truly inspiring to see the solutions developed by students through the Big Ideas Programme.” 

I am an experienced programme administrator with a passion for reducing waste. I am a firm believer that the smallest changes to our daily routines can have a big impact on our environment, such as switching a car ride for a walk or maybe a paddle in my case!

When I am not ticking off my admin to-do list, you will find me being walked by my energetic Cavapoo, Chip at the beach or paddle boarding at high tide.

Matt Ronayne

“Solutions for the Planet puts the keys back in the hands of the younger generation. The news can be extremely overwhelming and being able to solve the worlds sustainable problems might seem like a far fetch. However, S4TP unlocks your creativity and sparks ideas we would have never considered. It gives you a platform where young people can be heard and begin to realise that we all have the potential to find creative answers.”

My background is in education. I have worked as a primary school teacher and previously worked with children and young people around the world at a variety of summer camps. My role as Big Ideas Programme Coordinator means I get to meet lots of young people, teachers and mentors to help inspire them with new ideas to help save our planet. I love problem-solving and communicating with lots of different people. I enjoy being able to help ignite ideas and support people to creatively bring them to life.

When I am not at work I enjoy getting outdoors and playing lots of sports. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to travel to lots of new and exciting places and hope to continue this in the future.

Francesca Isherwood

“Hearing about the ground-breaking ideas for sustainable business and better living that the young people come up with has always been truly inspiring and pushed me to take more responsibility for our world.”

I have had the best introduction to Solutions For the Planet through hosting a number of the Big Ideas finals. My role as Associate means I get to meet the teams and their teachers, and find out more about what motivates them to help save our planet. I can help the young people with the confidence to keep pushing through their problem solving, and find new and creative ways to approach their problem and pitch their Big Ideas for sustainability.

I am an actor and facilitator, and just as importantly an environmental activist! I am always learning about our planet, and what human beings can do to make sustainable decisions for our future. I love to go to the theatre, cook for my family and friends, and travel the world when I can (though I’m always conscious of flying!)

Jamie Baughan

“It’s been one of the pleasures of my life working with Solutions for the Planet over the last 8 years.  Each year seems to get more exciting, more innovative and more ambitious than the last.  This is partly down to the incredible team at Solutions but it is also about the brilliant, tenacious young people that we work with and the hard work that they and their schools put in.  At a challenging time for the world it lifts my soul to be surrounded by such creativity, passion, determination and desire to change the world for the better.”

I first became involved with S4TP hosting the regional final events all around the country – this used some of the skills that I employ in my other profession, working as an actor on stage and on screen.  I enjoy meeting new people, sharing ideas and communicating – all things that I use in both my acting work and my work with S4TP.

When I’m not working with Solutions for the Planet, I love doing my other job – acting!  When I’m not doing that, I love playing music (I play the guitar, piano, saxophone and trumpet), playing sport (golf especially) and dancing.  Avid Leicester City FC fan!

Sarah O’Conor

“S4TP brings together the creativity and fresh ideas of young people with the experience and guidance of adults in the business world for projects that look to sustainably improve our communities and planet – what can be better than that?!”

Sarah’s background is in education, training and the utilities market. She taught English as a second language in England, Japan and Canada, and has 15 years’ experience as a TESOL Teacher Trainer.  She was a founder member of her school’s CSR committee in Montreal, and involved both her students and local businesses in fundraising and volunteering for local and global charities.

Outside of work, Sarah has set up a community group in her town called Keep Bromsgrove Beautiful and she organises neighbourhood litter picks and other community projects.  She is also a Keep Britain Tidy #LitterHeroes Ambassador.

Sarah’s strengths and experience lie in working with people of all ages to get the best out of them, and empowering them to get the best out of others, with the ultimate goal of improving their communities and beyond. It only takes one person to make a change, and the ripples from that one person’s action can reach further than you think.

Claire Fitton

“Solutions for the Planet gives students the opportunity to use their skills and creativity to solve some of the world’s biggest sustainability issues. It unlocks students’ potential, and this, combined with the experience of business mentors, results in some truly amazing solutions for the planet.”

Claire has worked in the engagement field for over 30 years with schools, businesses and communities. She has a passion for igniting sparks in individuals, organisations and communities. In previous roles she has worked for Bradford Vision Neighbourhood Renewal, Dixons Academies Trust and Ahead Partnership. Claire has travelled extensively during her career, including visits to Johannesburg, Moscow and Chicago working alongside communities that have been affected by ‘gang culture’.

In her spare time Claire spends as much time as possible walking her dog and is passionate about the natural world.

Jen Baughan

“Solutions for the Planet is what it is because everyone involved gives so much time, energy, passion and enthusiasm. I am proud to be leading Solutions for the Planet and facilitating inspirational and creative partnerships between young people and businesses for a stronger and more sustainable future.”

Jen is as passionate about the power of humans realising their own positive potential as she is about protecting our wonderful world.

Having worked in the private, public and third sectors, Jen is a strong believer that the fun and learning are in the experience of the journey. By bringing people together from different backgrounds, generations, businesses and geographies to share knowledge and skills, she knows we will shape a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable future.

Solutions for the Planet’s values of responsibility, integrity, curiosity and collaboration are closely aligned with her own.

Outside of work, Jen is a keen gardener and this year is teaching herself the guitar!