“Young people – with their dynamism, their energy and their inherent understanding of our interconnected world – have much to teach us.”

Kofi Annan

S4TP Youth Insights

Connecting young people with businesses for the benefit of both

We deliver youth voice, youth engagement and business youth panels across the UK.

What can S4TP Youth Insights do for your business?

Each Youth Insights panel is developed to be bespoke to your business or sector and is made up of young people who are based in your company footprint with an interest in your field. Recruited, facilitated and supported by Solutions for the Planet’s Youth Insights Team, a Youth Insights panel will help your business develop a real and enduring relationship with future customers and employees.

A S4TP Youth Insights panel will:

  • Help you to hear fresh insightful opinions.
  • Bring in a wider range of voices and perspectives to your business.
  • Develop strategies informed by potential future employees and customers.
  • Increase diversity, equality and inclusion within your stakeholder engagement.
  • Generate new ideas and improve innovation and creativity.
  • Develop employee skills, such as listening, facilitation and communications.
  • Improve youth participation and community engagement.
  • Demonstrate your CSR and Social Value.
  • Help improve social mobility.
  • Upskill future talent and support the next generation.

Why work with S4TP Youth Insights?

After working with over 27,000 young people on our Big Idea Programme and with a combined 45 years of experience of community engagement within the team, we bring exceptional access to young people across the UK. We use our network of over 100 schools and colleges to bring the unique voices of young people into the very heart of your business to help you to future-proof your strategies. Young people will think without departmental barriers and bring actionable solutions to some of your business’ most intransigent issues now and in the future. The aim is that enduring relationships can be formed through a S4TP Youth Insights panel – a win for your business and a win for the young people involved.