Travel Tracker

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Travel tracker is an app which grants you rewards for choosing to walk or cycle etc instead of going in a vehicle that uses a petrol or diesel engine. Users earn points for miles walked, which can then be used at coffee shops for free drinks.

Litter Buddy

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Litter Buddy’s idea is to create a fun and interactive app which teaches people about recycling to combat the rising issues of plastics in the environment. The app will track how much you recycle, earn you rewards and be available in different languages with accessible features.


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R.H.G recreates plant pots and vases in a planet friendly manner. Often these are made of clay that is dug up from the Earth, but by making these basic items out of materials like recycled paper, we make something that isn’t easy to break and something that gives a mass-produced material a second life.  The pots are also embedded with plant food which help to encourage growth.


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Re-Active is a cork sole for running shoe that is is non-wearable. This helps avoid the environmental harm caused by disposing of traditional running shoes and the environmental/soil damage caused by the chemicals used to make the shoes.

Zero Waste

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Zero Waste is an app that encourages young people to get involved with the zero-waste movement; for a subscription fee, the app shares ideas and challenges (where subscribers can win prizes!).


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A.I.R. produces a product called ‘RCP’ (Renewable Carbon Dioxide Panel) which turns carbon dioxide into fresh, clean air, by pulling carbon dioxide into a vacuum which then goes through a pipe and feeds to a refresher at the back (powered by solar panels) which then produces clean air.