Carbon Vac

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Carbon Vac’s mission is to rid the world of excess carbon dioxide using a specially designed carbon capture self piloting helicopter, which will then feed it into green houses containing c4plants (the hungriest for carbon dioxide​).


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#CleanStreets produces a new style bin for the problem of incorrectly disposing of recyclables and waste – this bin will not open until people put the right rubbish in the right recycle bin!

Fast Fashion

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Fast Fashion reuse and recycle donated clothing. We use them in two ways, the first being to customize the clothing into individuals one of pieces that can be sold. As part of a charity we will also donate clothes to homeless people to increase the sense of pride and confidence.


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Plement want to combat the environmental issues of using concrete by creating a new building material made from shredded plastic waste mixed with cement and gravel to create plastic concrete. A cheaper alternative to concrete which combats plastic waste.