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CALM is a charity that repairs old teddy’s and re-sells them to raise awareness for the endangered Orangutang.


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G.R.O.W.T.H stands for Growth, Revival, Outdoors, Wellbeing, Togetherness, and Health. We are a campaign, centered around ‘GROWTH Days’, designed to help students take care of their mental health with nature and creativity. Ideas include using therapy dogs and nature activities in schools, as well as creating safe zones for students who are struggling.


Solar X

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Solar X is a car that runs on fuel made of food waste. When people collect enough food waste, the take it to their nearest fuel station and our workers provide biofuel in return. We are planning to give our special biofuel to all fuel stations.


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We will produce a machine that will suck in air, separating the Carbon and Oxygen, turning the carbon into clean energy and releasing the oxygen back into the atmosphere.