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Our work with communities

At Solutions for the planet, we believe that no change can happen without collaboration with each other in our local communities and across the wider global community. We all can remember a time when we have had to ask for help, given help, and received help from others. Such moments show why healthy partnership and collaboration is so important, and why we need to work together. 

Our community partners are bridging organisations, they are made up of a variety of non-profits, charities, social enterprises, membership organisations and associations, funding bodies and many more.  Community partners help Solutions for the Planet extend our reach and offer valuable contacts, expertise and support to our teams of young people.

Our community partners

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Our community partners provide valuable local contributions to our regional and national programme in kind, through advice and guidance, networking opportunities, research, grants and much more! Read more about our brilliant community partners below.

New community partners

We’re looking for community partners who would like to support the programme in an existing or new region.

Becoming a community partner with give you the opportunity to attend some events, support a team as a mentor and make a difference to your local community.

Meet the community partners

We work with lots of different people and local organisations from across our regions. Our community partners help extend the reach of our programmes – by giving the teams and their big ideas a stronger voice in the community.

Chloe Dyson
All things sustainability


“I’ve loved being a judge at the regional semi-finals and working in partnership with Solutions for the planet. It’s incredible to see the ideas the teams come up with, they develop impressive business models and fully functioning prototypes – you can’t help be inspired by their passion, ingenuity and hard work! These students and their big ideas are what will make a better future. More people need to know about the programme!”

What I do: Day-to-day I work with different businesses and social enterprise, to build their approach to sustainability, working on strategy, communications and reporting. I’m also the Co-director of an organisation called the League of Pragmatic Optimists. Our aim is to engage people in projects – bigger than themselves – to make the future better. We look to the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for the difference we want to make.

A bit about me: A few years ago, I spent two months living in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. I volunteered in an animal rescue centre helping re-introduce spider monkeys to a part of the forest they’d been extinct from for 30 years. The best bit was seeing how you can integrate small, diverse crops of bananas, cocoa and avocados within the forest to feed us without affecting the biodiversity, beauty and abundance of life in the rainforest.

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