Volunteer Direct team Do It For Real

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Volunteer Direct is a website to make volunteering opportunities easy to find and specific to individuals’ interests and location. With the launch of their Education Programme in September 2016, 6th form students will be able to find volunteering opportunities online to assist others and enhance their own CV. There is an ever growing demand for volunteers; with over 2000 non-profit organisations in Bradford alone. Many charities are reluctant to provide volunteering opportunities for under 18 year olds, which is why Volunteer Direct will be working closely with the charities to create opportunities that are suitable and attractive to under 18’s. Providing an easily accessible platform where volunteers can help with local or national projects, Volunteer Direct perfectly matches the supply to the demand.

Award amount: £500

School: Dixon City Academy, Bradford

Region: Yorkshire

Impact: Local, Regional, National

Issue: Community Development, Generating Funds for Charities, Developing Skills

DWDH team Do It For Real

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We made a visit to one of our local Primary Schools and spoke to the Deputy Head Teacher. At this meeting we explained our product and asked whether the school thinks they waste water. The Deputy Head agreed and said if we are able to collect solid evidence to prove we were saving the schools money and water. She also, said that she would readily buy our product as well as organize a time for us to speak to the children in her primary School.”

Summary: After learning that only 1% of the worlds water is drinkable and that we waste 95% of that, DWDH began thinking about how they could change this. They want to introduce a programme for schools that will reduce water wastage in three separate and distinctive ways. Firstly, all taps in the school that children use will be fitted with a DWDH dripmeter, allowing schools to track their water usage in real time. Second, the DWDH team holds an assembly in the school explaining the issues surrounding water wastage both here and in third world countries. Lastly, the campaign aims to reach the parents of pupils at schools with leaflets full of useful information encouraging more water savings at home.  There is interest in the project, Thames Water and a local primary school are both keen to see a prototype. With the correct support structure and approach, we expect big things from team DWDH.

School: Plashet school for girls, East Ham

Region: South East

Impact: Regional

Issue: Water wastage

Thermofield, Dixons City Academy, Bradford

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This team came third place at the 2016 competition final. They want to revolutionise gas camping stoves into electromagnetic stoves powered by solar panels. This team have anticipated the advance in technology of solar panels as a means of either charging batteries for stoves to run on, or directly powering the stoves themselves. With an impressive exclusively battery powered electro-magnetic stove they were able to demonstrate the science and wow the judges. Already in talks with Bradford University and the solar panel company, Solec, the team want to have a working prototype while the technology progresses.

E-Waste, Alderbrook School, Solihull

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This team came second in the 2016 competition final, with an adapted food waste bin helping households track how much food they waste. Their bin, with an electric weighing scale, connects to an app sending push notifications to user’s phones if wastage levels become too high. Also included in the app is a game for children to learn about the issue of food waste. After giving a strong presentation, clearly outlining the benefits of this product, it became clear this team is on the road to success.

Vitaliite, Quwwat Ul Islam School, Newham

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Vitaliite won first place in the 2016 competition final. The team wanted to combat poor conditions of drinking water in less economically developed countries whilst simultaneously tackling the high rate of road accidents involving cyclists in the UK. Their water bottle has LED lights to alert road users of cyclists and joggers presence, with a percentage of the profits from the sales of water bottles going to WaterAid. The idea was well developed and the product was ready to take to market with 500 pre-orders made.

2016 Finalists Announced… See you in London! by S4TP Team

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After incredibly tight semi-finals, 11 teams from across the national competition have been selected to present their Big Ideas at the Palace of Westminster. We are delighted to announce the Solutions for the Planet 2016 Finalists…


Hydro Lock – St Bede’s & St Joseph’s Catholic College, Yorkshire.

Thermofield – Dixons City Academy, Yorkshire.

Re-Read – Plashet School, South East.

Vitaliite – Quwwat Ul Islam School, South East.

Pulse – Pedmore Technology College, West Midlands.

Visionaries – Alderbrook School, West Midlands.

Synergie – Plashet School, South East.

Garbage Savers – Longfield Academy, South East.

Many Menus – Heath Park School, West Midlands.

Electrobreezy – Tong High School, Yorkshire.

Aqua Lock – Alderbrook School, West Midlands.

Congratulations to all our semi-finalists!