Tom Swainson

“I am really looking forward to mentoring such a relevant and important topic and helping children understand the importance of protecting our planet whilst helping them develop core skills.”

What do I do: It is a very similar role to an Accountant – crunching numbers and providing senior management the figures and explanations needed to make key decisions. A lot of my role is based around monthly performance and making sure our profit and cash balances meet expectations in my region and as an overall business unit. It’s not just about the numbers but understanding the full processes behind the making of the numbers including operations, commercial and payroll.

A bit about me: I am a bit of a petrol head and have a love of cars. I love to explore new recipes and will try and cook a different meal every night of the month – I find it therapeutic after a long day at the office! Other hobbies include fashion, shopping and lots of socialising with friends at the weekend.

Region: Central England