Lois Moore

“My experience with the programme has been really positive and enlightening. I have really enjoyed interacting with the children on the program, the way that they think and the ideas that they have come up with has been really interesting to see and watching them develop as the programme has progressed has been lovely as they have really stretched and thought about their ideas at a high level.”

What I do: I work closely with the employees and managers throughout my area (London and South East) to ensure that all employees are supported in different areas such as mental health and wellbeing, business support, policies and company communications etc. Along with this I support with the intake of new starters and the process of leavers. I have to ensure that the processes are completed and this goes through the system in a timely manner to make sure that all employees have correct contracts and that they are paid properly. Along with this we also support in different areas that Managers may need.

A bit about me: I love to travel and have been to a lot of counties for someone of my age, I’m always up for going to a new place and learning about the culture and way of living in different parts of the world (I also don’t mind trying the different food!). So far my favourite place that I’ve been is Tokyo!