Courtney Lancaster

“Mentoring for Solution for the Planet is a great way to 1) build on my own skills and 2) help someone start to build their own. It’s a win – win.”

What I do: Currently I am working outside of my role due to the circumstances and I am picking up purchasing and Payroll for one of our biggest sites. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge as this is completely new to me. My actual role is around helping the business reduce its energy consumption and environmental impact, on the back of this I help develop ‘systems’ to enable sites to manage this subject data better. 

A bit about me: Over the lockdown period I have recently set up a small ‘business’, hosting on Esty, making small items out of Resin. This has actually taught me a lot of vital business skills! In my free time if I am not making stuff I am most likely playing Hockey or Travelling!

Region: Central England