Chris Wragg

“I think the program is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in to support young people with their big ideas and look forward to seeing them grow and flourish within the program.”

What I do: I work at Greenwich Wharf, at the wharf we process sand and gravel which comes from the sea bed to produce clean sand 10mm & 20mm gravel. I started out on the site with all of the operatives to learn the process and to find out what goes on around site from a hands on prospective. I have slowly moved in to a more office base role where I help manage the maintenance around site and organise our site electrical maintenance systems we have in place.

A bit about me: I am a massive sports fan in particular football unfortunately I support Sunderland for sins… but someone has to, I also play rugby and any other sport that comes my way. I love to travel and see new places and try my best to get out and about in London sightseeing and trying out the food places especially sushi.

Region: South-East England