Kate Miller

“Even the most crazy-sounding idea can turn into something that has a massive impact – there are so many real and positive examples of this.  S4TP takes this idea and uses it to get young people thinking about creative solutions to real problems.  It’s important on so many levels that they believe their own innovation and ingenuity will help shape the future of the world they live in.”

What I do: I am E&I Projects Manager for Scotland, that means any SGN gas site in Scotland (and there are hundreds) that needs new Electrical or Instrumentation equipment fitting will be addressed by my team.  Examples of electrical equipment can be anything from new up-to-date lights and heating to increased power supplies and bigger generators.  Instrumentation is not as musical as it sounds.  In the engineering world, instruments are devices that measure any information that we need to know about the gas supply that flows through our sites: this includes temperature, pressure, how much flow and any alarms including intruders, fire alarms or gas leaks.  We also fit equipment that measures the calorific value of gas to ensure that when it’s used in the home it delivers the right amount of heat – very important for your central heating to work properly or if you are cooking your dinner in a gas oven!

A bit about me: I recently got married and no-one knew as it was a runaway wedding!  I’m just in the process of changing my name which is causing much surprise at work.  Also I have just signed up to be an outward bound mentor.  As much as I enjoy fitness activities and camping, I’m still quite terrified at the challenge that lies ahead!

Region: Scotland