Dan Brown

“I’ve been really impressed with the students’ knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity since becoming a mentor. Pupils have demonstrated great entrepreneurship and teamwork skills to develop some really innovative ideas that would make a real difference to our planet.”

What I do: I work as a Communications Officer for gas company SGN. We’re responsible for answering journalists’ questions about our work and company via a written statement or on camera. I also create a lot of content for our own website and social media channels to let the public know about our work and the community events we get involved in.

A bit about me: When I’m not working or mentoring, you’ll usually find me on the football pitch or on the golf course. I also love playing video games and board games, in fact, my dad and I have recently finished creating and constructing a board game that is a hybrid of some of the best elements from a few of our favourite games. Coming to stores near you soon!

Region: South-East England

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