Laura Thornley

“I am really looking forward to working with the pupils to see how their ingenuity and creativity can help tackle global issues.”

What do I do: I look at lots of different maths problems in my job. This can be trying to answer questions like ‘How many engineers do we need in and emergency?’, ‘Should we replace a metal pipe with a plastic pipe and should we do than now or in a few years?’ and ‘Are there any trends in our customer surveys/ complaints?’. Using maths helps us to answer these types of questions and provide proof that the answer can be trusted. This can help us to understand if we can save money, as well as make sure customers are kept safe using gas.

A bit about me: I used to work in France in ski resorts, running events like quiz’s and sledging and cooking for 19 guests. I like playing a sport called Korfball to keep fit, and taking my dogs, Ellie and Leo, out for walks in the park.

Region: North England