Jenny Wilkinson

“I really enjoy working with the young people, taking to them and hearing their thoughts about the challenges facing the plant and society. I’m not too sure who learns more me or them!”

What do I do: My son says my job is just chitter chattering all day, and in a nutshell he’s right. My job involves talking to people, and helping colleagues talk to people connected to, or impacted by, our business to find out what they think about things. I spend my day exploring what’s important to people, what they think about specific issues connected to our business and then devise way we can work together to create solutions and make that change happen.

A bit about me: I qualified as a journalist and the first three years of my career were spent writing news stories for the national papers and real life features for magazines such as Closer so it’s no wonder I ended up in  a job that is based around talking and listening to people.  I have two children which keeps me fairly busy outside of work but the one thing I love to do just for me is Yoga. I’ve recently discovered laughter yoga and hip-hop yoga classes which suit me down to the ground as I’m not great at sitting still or being quiet for too long!

Region: North England