Melanie Taylor, Head of Stakeholder Relations at Northern Gas Networks was a judge at last year’s Big Ideas Competition National Final, and said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Solutions for the Planet on its Big Ideas programme, teaching young people the vital skills needed to succeed in future employment within the energy sector. Here at NGN, we are extremely passionate about tackling the UK skills gap in STEM and sustainability, and we are committed to helping develop the confidence and creativity of individuals in these areas.”

Northern Gas Networks

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) is a company that’s as committed to people as they are pipes and has been leading the way as one of the most cost-efficient of the UK’s eight gas distribution networks since 2005.  The team safely and reliably delivers gas to over 2.7 million homes and businesses – 6.8 million individuals – across the North East, northern Cumbria and much of Yorkshire.

Although NGN don’t source the gas, fix boilers and appliances, or get involved with plumbing, they work with those that do to deliver gas through a vast network of underground pipes that are constantly being invested in and upgraded. It’s more complicated than it sounds and NGN is always exploring cutting-edge thinking, revolutionary engineering practices and world-class science to find new ways to provide sustainable sources of energy for a low carbon future.

Whether they’re out getting the gas back on in time for tea or working hard to become a cleaner, greener business, NGN takes pride in making sure that everything they do meets their very high standards. And while customers may not see NGN very often, they can sleep soundly knowing that they’re working around the clock to keep them connected and make sure they stay safe.

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