Rob Chesman

“Really can’t wait to see what innovative and exciting ideas the students have that will genuinely make a difference to environment in which they are going to live and contribute to making a better place for future generations.”

What do I do: I work with our teams across the country who provide accommodation and support for key workers, asylum seekers and also people in their homes who require extra care and supported living.  My role is to ensure that all those teams have the customer and end user at the centre of everything they do and to support them through ideas, events and innovation to deliver a better customer service and add social value back into the community.

A bit about me: I love animals and motorbikes! I know, it’s an odd mix! We have 3 terriers, 2 ex-racing greyhounds and 3 cats at home and also on our small holding we have 2 ex-racehorses and lots of chickens and ducks! When I’m not helping my girlfriend with the mini zoo, I love nothing more that getting out and about in the Dales on my sports bike…

Region: North England