Heather Hughes

“I cannot wait to hear about the fantastic ideas the students have and what solutions they may have.”

What do I do: I oversee all the training programmes within Mears,  this can involve looking after apprentices who are pursuing a career in the construction industry or in the care sector,  I am starting to get involved int the sustainability projects by finding new courses that can help our operatives learn new skills. I manage 2 training academies which are in Brentwood and Rotherham, so I do a lot of travelling.

A bit about me: I am a bit of a DIY ‘er, I have just finished building my own office in the garden which I have called my She Shed.  I used a lot of recycled wood and raided the skips at work to find materials that I could reuse.  This year, I decided to turn my hand to growing my own vegetables, so I now have an allotment that I look after.  Oh yes,  I also have a very energetic Collie dog that I have to entertain by going on lots of walks in the countryside and down on the beach.

Region: Central England