Chris Lawson

“I’m really excited to be able to be a mentor. I love being able to help and see people improve and grow.”

What do I do: My role is a managerial role with an aim to drive great customer service and lead by example. I use data to see where improvements can be made and create plans to help people succeed and improve. I work with 4 branches and their clients to ensure all their customers get the service they deserve.

A bit about me: I am outdoor person who loves playing sports such as football and golf. I love to walk my pooch little Ralph who is a Westie as well as running and cycling in my local area. After all of this activity I like to fill up on home made cakes that my wife bakes and relax in front of a film where a good comedy can make me laugh. I also love Lego, and no its not just for kids…its for big kids too 😊

Region: North England