Romain Rousselet-Vincent

“I am very excited to see the solutions and the different point of view that the younger generation can bring to sone of the most critical challenges of our planet!”

What I do: My role is to organise the different piece of a jigsaw to create a new neighbourhood or place by bringing anything that creates activity and vibrancy to a residential development such as new businesses, shops, restaurants, health centres, new office spaces and new community spaces.

Some days I spend looking at drawings trying to understand what we are going to build, some days I am discussing with local communities and authorities to understand their need, other days I discuss with large shops or smaller business owners to bring them into our projects, but what I like most is seeing our vision come into life during the construction!

A bit about me: I am a bit of a geek and I spent a lot of time as a kid on my computer, now I really enjoy taking pictures and keep good memories for my children and the striking buildings I come across when visiting cities. I love good food and cooking my mum’s family recipes and I enjoy celebrating around good wine (French especially !).

Region: South England