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“We are passionate about supporting young people to learn and develop skills for life that will be incredibly valuable for their futures. Working with Solutions for the Planet in the West Midlands is a great opportunity for mutual learning, creating fresh ideas and providing young people with real-life business experience whilst giving them an insight into the incredible breadth of career opportunities on offer in our industry.”

Dr Martyn Kenny, Sustainability Director, Tarmac

“As a leader in our industry, engaging with S4TP not only enables us to position our company as an attractive proposition for young people coming into the workplace and helps them to learn important business skills, but also allows us to build closer ties with key customers, engage with local communities and provides personal development opportunities for our employees. It is a great example of our Sustainability Strategy and Employee Volunteering Policy in action.”

Mark Wood, Regional Managing Director – South, Tarmac

Tarmac are a construction solutions provider. Tarmac are the UK’s leading supplier of aggregates and asphalt, innovative concrete solutions and bagged, ready-to-use and bulk cement. Tarmac Contracting offer a range of services, including surfacing, road recycling, traffic management, grass cutting, winter maintenance, civil engineering and construction. Tarmac’s lime products play a vital role in our society, from water purification and electricity generation, to the production of essential materials such as iron, steel, glass, plastics and pharmaceuticals.

You can find out more about work experience opportunities at Tarmac here –  Tarmac Work Experience

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