Big Idea

Workout Energy

Workout Energy


"We have chosen to tackle two issues; the use of non-renewable energy and obesity. This is because, in 2014, 62% of adults in the UK were above the average BMI for their height and age (Source: Public Health England). We also chose these problems because in 53 years there will be no oil, in 54 years there will be no natural gas and in 110 years there will no coal if we use them at the pace we are doing currently. Gyms rely on vast amounts of fossil fuels to produce their electricity, so our big idea will be able to produce gym equipment that powers itself and other devices by equally dividing the power to the output and the power source."

"Our big idea, which is a product, is to sell exercise bikes that generate electricity to gyms, using an online retail website. The electricity generated would be used to help power the gyms. Also, part of the money saved from powering the gym would be discounted from the users’ gym membership bill, depending on the amount of energy produced."

"Our big idea would benefit the gyms who buy our product, as it will help them to cut down on their energy bills and help their members to stay fit and healthy as well. It would also benefit the gyms financially, as having eco-friendly gym cycling machines could possibly attract more members to the gym. Our vision for our product is to help reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be generated using non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and gas. This would help the environment, as less fossil fuels would need to be burnt."