Big Idea

Waste Recyclers

Waste Recyclers

Mayfield School


"The problem we are tackling is food wastage. People wasting food has a knock on effect on others around them, a consequence of this is other people starve and there will be more in landfill sites."

"To preserve food for people who haven't got anywhere to get access to food. Our big idea is a product and a service. Our big idea is creative because we are able to acquire food and preserve it to give to the homeless and people who do not have enough money to buy fresh products. It’s unique as it’s not just a service it’s also a company."

"Our big idea is beneficial because it stops people from starvation and reduces the amount of food waste we are creating. It will benefit people who are homeless and people who can't afford fresh food."

"Our vision is for us to have our yellow bins all around Portsmouth in shops. We would take the food to be preserved and then given to the homeless or to poor people. The world would look a lot cleaner and fresher."