Big Idea



Eastlea Community School


"We have chosen to tackle Non- renewable energy because these resources are running out and also are believed to contribute to global warming when burned and also cause other disasters like oil spillages in our oceans and seas. We would also like to encourage people to go and exercise and it is better for them and also reduce problems such as obesity and coronary heart disease which as a big killer in our country."

"We are going to design a device that can be used in shoes that can generate energy as you walk/play. It is achievable because it has a simple design and costs for materials are low and easily found from sustainable sources. '

"Our big idea is beneficial as we will be generating renewable energy as people walk or run. The energy harnessed from our device can be used to charge a mobile phone. People who are overweight will benefit as they will have to be active to generate the power therefore burning calories which will help with weight loss. "