Big Idea

Turbo Turbine

Turbo Turbine

Alderbrook School


"We have chosen to tackle global warmingGlobal warming occurs when rays of sunlight (in the form of infrared radiation) are trapped in the atmosphere. This results in the gradual warming of the surface temperature of the Earth, which is global warming. This is because burning fossil fuels contributes to the largest amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, sea levels are predicted to rise by 7-23 inches in the next couple of years, which means a higher risk of natural disasters. At this moment right in time, 1000 tons of Carbon Dioxide is being dumped within our air space. This is extremely bad and can have catastrophic on Earth, this disastrous problem needs to be stopped and prevented in the future."

"Our Big Idea is a product. Our idea is a turbine (usually applied on top of the chimney of a factory) which prevents carbon dioxide increasing in the atmosphere. This concept uses water to dissolve the carbon emissions within it creating carbonic acid. Carbonic Acid could be used to move the turbine converting Gravitational Potential Energy into kinetic. Additionally, the carbonic acid can be sold to fizzy drink companies such as Coca-Cola as this can resolve their environmental issues and increase the eco-friendliness of their company."

"Turbo Turbine is beneficial for the entire UK public and with working together with others abroad, global warming will be prevented and stopped, which means the world will benefit from less natural disasters, habitats will be saved and the world will be a much safer place."