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The Treetoppers

The Treetoppers

Arden Academy


We have chosen deforestation because we don’t think that enough is being done toprevent such a world-wide issue. They play a major role in absorbing carbon dioxide andproducing oxygen. Rainforests also stabilize climate and house a huge range of plants andanimals.Deforestation is an extremely significant topic at the moment. It is the cause of many global problems including forest fires, habitat loss and flooding."

"Our Big Idea is a service and a campaign that will hopefully help stop deforestation andpromote awareness of this important issue. Our service requires people to pay £3 everymonth to adopt a tree and let them visit their tree/s. When a customer adopts a tree they will receive regular monthly updates  on our app that will notify the buyer of current events. It will also let them know when they need to renew their payment. As well as this, they will receive a packfilled with recycled products every 6 months, to promote helping the planet and stayinggreen. We will also include information about your tree and how it is developing."

"Our idea is a service dedicated to saving and planting as many trees as we can. If our issue is solved then the world would be a cleaner place because all the carbon dioxide that is currently in the atmosphere will be absorbed by the trees that are planted by our customers. Our big idea is beneficial because it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in theatmosphere, caused by factors like deforestation, which leads to climate change. By saving the trees we will potentially decrease the carbon dioxide levels and slow down global warming."