Big Idea

The Green Globe

The Green Globe

Alderbrook School


"We have chosen to tackle the issue of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is emitted from many factories across the globe. This is having a massive impact on the earth due to contributing to the greenhouse effect, which is the process by which radiation from a planet's atmosphere warms the planet's surface to a temperature that is higher than what it would be without this atmosphere."

"Our idea is to design a product that will reduce the carbon emissions produced by factories. The idea is that the carbon dioxide produced by the factories will fill a greenhouse, that is full of plants, which will require the carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. When our product is put into action, it will progress into a service because we will need people to maintain the plants and the greenhouse. This will benefit the community by allowing the increase in job and volunteering opportunities."

"Our main goal is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from the industry enough so that it doesn’t make global warming such a huge threat to the world like it is right now, even if other people deny it. This is a big goal to reach but we know that someday, someone will make this happen, even if it is not us, but either way we will know that we played a part in saving the planet, even if it is only a small part. Everything counts towards something, whether it is a big goal or a small achievement, we all can make a difference and we want to prove this through our solution for the planet."