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Tears of Trees

Tears of Trees

Alderbrook School


"The Amazon is failing because of humans not being considerate enough to check what unsubstantial ingredients are being used in the everyday products we love and use. But what can we do to raise awareness of this global crisis beforeit’stoo late? Herein lies the issue of Palm oil. Innocent animals' habitats are being destroyed. Animals are going extinct. Billions of animals dying because of lack of food and shelter. What is more, food chains in your local wildlife to the Amazon rainforest are collapsing due to this mayhem. Approximately 85% of palmoil is grown in the tropical countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea on industrial plantations that have severe impacts on the environment, forest peoples and the climate. Environmentalists argue that this farming ofpalm oiltrees is extremely bad for the planet."

" We have decided to do a service and a campaign. We want companies to restrict the use of the products that contain palm oil, until a sustainable replacement is produced.  We aim to reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere by reducing the use of palm oil. By tackling the threat of deforestation, we tackle the threat of palm oil and part of carbon emissions. This will help endangered species breed more in habitats that are greener, and to not go extinct.To keep an eye on the amount of palm oil used in businesses, we could make an app to track it. To put our campaign into place, we will make posters/ information leaflets which will be displayed in the local areas (e.g. schools and libraries). We have also created a social media account to spread awareness worldwide."

"Our idea is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to all the animals and endangered species living in the forests being deforested because of palm oil. Not only will our idea reduce the amount of carbon being added into our ozone layers, but also reduce the deforestation rate, which will put many species out of endangerment. It will also reduce the rate of climate change."