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The Life of Tents

The Life of Tents

The Halifax Academy


"We are tackling issues involving: natural disasters, war zones and LIDC (lower income developing) countries. We chose this issue seen as though it is the most achievable and effective over a short period of time due to the given fact that the most effective way to save the planet, is to save the people. The consequence of ignoring this is that innocent people and the planet shall suffer if one person does not agree with another country."

"Our idea is to provide a variety of life saving products. First we will grow support by making our peers aware, this is the first step in our attempt to save the planet from suffering. As well as this basing our theory on the quote ‘if you feed a man fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man how to catch a fish then they will last for a lifetime’. Our campaign involves products such as an collapsible tent that will provide all the protection that you will need for those who need it. We will also add an additional water filter made of reused wood which will allow for them to have purified water as well as the material being durable, strong and renewable, it is also reuseable the so it helps with the environment."

"This idea is beneficial due to saving the mother nature contamination of land and water by human waste. This occur when thousands of humans are forced to settle in a new area. It would be beneficial to the planet as well as the people if they could have, by some miracle, a place of residence that’s portable and contains the basic necessities."

"Our vision is to help people in desperate times because of war, natural disasters or low income when food can be scarce and resources are limited. We also dream of a future where you can make your home anywhere and anytime. This is aimed for a specific group of consumers. However, this can be used for anyone in any situation."