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Team Revolution

Team Revolution

The Halifax Academy


"The usage of fossil fuels is a major problem around the world, and this is why we have chosen to tackle this due to the fact that 80.71 % of the electricity we use just in the UK only comes from fossil fuels and this was recorded in 2015.  This is so important to you and everyone around you because this plays a major role in climate change and global warming. As a result, the world's average surface temperature has increased by around 0.6 degrees Celsius over the last 100 years. The changing climate patterns have already made a significant impact on our planet."

"Our product is an energy producing watch made from recycled materials and is sustainable. It runs on solar power, its solar panel is bendable and has a 50% recyclable lithium-ion battery to store energy when it is not sunny or when you are not active. It also runs on your kinetic energy and provides a USB port for efficient charging."

"This idea was a spark in our heads, and now a vision of the future - only with your help. If we are successful, the levels of global warming would reduce and so would the melting of the polar ice caps, because people will use our watch to charge their devices. The energy that our watch produces is eco-friendly. The way people renew energy should look a lot better after the production of our product."