Big Idea



Priory School


"Energy usage and the effect it has on the environment. We have chosen this issue because energy usage is a factor of greenhouse gas emissions which we all know plays a big part in climate change and global warming – a huge issue for the world’s well-being."

"Our big idea is T.Eco or Tidal Eco. It is mainly a service, but we also supply a product. We plant buoys in the sea around Portsmouth and then using water turbines underneath the buoy, we charge a battery. We then provide the National Grid with a portion of our energy.  Our product is a small box powered by a mini battery that can give enough electricity for say, a large room."

“Tidal Energy has been done before but not in this way. Our way is cheap and affordable, plus giving a new purpose to old buoys that would otherwise be put in landfill. This way also gives jobs as we need people to collect the batteries and make the boxes. WE are interactive and fun as well as helping to save our planet. Our vision is removing the energy factor from climate change or at least reducing it.