Big Idea

Stay Crafty Stay Classy

Stay Crafty Stay Classy

Heath Park School


"We have chosen to tackle the major issue of waste. People around the world do not really recycle things such as: materials from clothes and blankets. 80% percent of people sometimes throw away clothes and materials into our household bins which ends up in landfills or incinerators that affects our environment. This material is worthy of being recycled, yet only 20% is recycled or reused."

"Our vision is to recycle clothes and re-use them to make something that will please our customers. Not only it will save the earth, it will save people money because nowadays people buy new clothing and wear it once; after this they throw it away in the bin. A shirt could turn into a scrunchie or a baby onesie can turn into a teddy bear!  You can make so many fashionable things that will impress everyone!"