Big Idea

Spike Stoppers

Spike Stoppers


"We have chosen to tackle the issue of drink spiking and the date rape drug (rohypnol). Stories about this issue are often in the media and spiking occurs on a daily basis; but it is never brought into the light as much as other global issues. It is a sensitive topic that should be given more attention to prevent it from happening."

"Our Big Idea is a product designed for the safety of adults. We have created a selection of straws and cups that will change colour depending on whether your drink has been spiked. The straws and cups will change colour inspired by litmus paper which indicates whether a substance is acidic or alkaline. We would use this to identify the additive of a strong acidic substance, that being rohypnol the date rape drug."

" Anybody who goes out partying regularly will benefit from this, people who do drink more often are more vulnerable as they lose their inhibitions. There are not many recent studies that show the causes of rape, which proves that this issue is highly neglected by the media!With our product we hope to help party goers feel more relaxed and less paranoid when they go out. They should be able to have fun without having to worry about being drugged."