Big Idea




"The issues we are tackling are noise pollution and energy wastage. Noise pollution, also known as sound pollution, is caused by traffic, machines and other propagation systems. It affects many people from those with learning difficulties to people who have insomnia. It also causes problems such as tinnitus (a ringing in the ear) and high blood pressure and heart problems."

"Our product will be able to convert sound into energy. It will be using the technology of a microphone- more specifically a dynamic capsule which can convert sound waves into energy. By doing this, we can install our product in a train or in an airport to power small objects such as lights. Although it can only power small appliances, the energy saved will build up and save a lot of money for companies and businesses while also supporting the environment."

"Our product is designed to cut down sound pollution which is one of the few sources of energy that humans have not harnessed. It is also designed to cut down energy waste which will mean that the businesses will save money long term. Our vision is to create a wide range of technology that converts sound into energy. These products will be installed in different locations."