Big Idea



Oaks Park High School


"Our issue we are tackling is air pollution and how it impacts the effects of global warming. Global warming is one of the key issues that the world is struggling with at the moment. Global warming is affecting and causing ice caps to melt, more radiation from the sun which can lead to problems like skin cancer in the longer term and heat exhaustion in the short term."

"Our idea is a carbon dioxide filter that travels near to the ozone layer and collects CO2 and converts it into energy  to prevent holes in the ozone layer to form until a bigger and better solution can be created. It is beneficial to the environment because it tackles global warming as much as possible until a bigger solution can be found."

 "We envision a world that does not suffer from heat damage or anything that humans have done. By 2030, the world will not suffer from as much CO2 as it does now. We are trying to make the Earth habitable and much safer for the next generation."