Big Idea

Renergy (P.O.P.)

Renergy (P.O.P.)

Heath Park School


"We have chosen to tackle the effects of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere. We have chosen this issue because then we can save people’s lives and money. One of the main reasons for this is due to the fact that carbon emissions from car exhaust pipes kills seven million people because the toxins enter the blood stream making our body dysfunction. Every year and we emit over 36 billion tons of CO2."

"Our big idea is a product that we manufacture a machine that is designed to be placed under the road and it absorbs carbon emissions and sends it to a red box on the side of the road where it filters the remaining energy, then it will be taken to supply them to users. There is also a detector that detects where the carbon emissions are, in order to suck the carbon emissions."

"It's crucial for our idea to be beneficial especially when it's to do with carbon emissions. This could also benefit us as it would save millions of lives every year. This is as we will prevent the toxins in carbon emissions/dioxide entering the blood as there would be none or barely any deaths due to this. Our Big Idea is also beneficial because it saves energy but not just saves it, its RE- uses ENERGY."

"Our vision, as a team, is that we would like to change the world and make it a better place. We are confident and believe our big idea will be successful. We want people to see our great idea and to see what we can do and achieve for our beloved planet Earth. We want success and to bring happiness to the world."