Big Idea



Stratford School Academy


"We as a group have chosen to confront universal problem- pollution. We chose to tackle this problem because the effects of pollution have devastating consequences to the environment and natural habitats. We want to aid our community in lessening pollution and secure the future of generations to come."

"Our big idea is an app by the name of Redivivus. It is a service, which provides information on how to re-use and recycle materialshow to save resources, user input of creative ideas for re-usage and facts on re-using/recycling and recycling locations. Through our app we strive to promote recycling and re-using to big companies and the public. Those who introduce the best or creative methods of re-using materials are also rewarded with either digital achievements or prizes such as badges and wristbands. "

"Our big idea is beneficial because as it is to the welfare of the environment, human race and other living organisms in general as we aid to improve the state of the planet."