Big Idea



Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst


"We have chosen to tackle the growing risk to agriculture caused by the unexplained reduction in the bee population and the inadequate ability to maintain a balanced pollination process in respect to the demand for it. The issue is only getting worse and with pollination playing a huge part in people’s life globally, this problem has to be resolved immediately."

 "Our big idea is a pollen drone, an eco-friendly design to fight against a lack of pollen. It is designed to play the role of bees and collect pollen which will tackle the problem of a reduction in bees and pollination. It is our intention that the Pollen Drone can, and will, be able to replicate and replace both insect and wind pollination." 

"The benefits of our idea links to the issue we are needing to solve. Our solution will increase pollination which will solve the problem of the unexplained reduction in bees. We may not be able to solve the reduction in bees, however we will be working with them in collecting the pollen for our foods. The increase in pollination, will increase the productivity which will then reduce the cost of our crops. "