Big Idea



Perton Middle School


"We are going to tackle the growing issue of addiction to technology. We chose this because this is a modern-day problem that affects us and our community: people get so addicted, they can’t take their eyes off the screen. If it is not dealt with, it can last for centuries. This is a problem because technology is advancing more and more, so people will be affected even more. Children in school are so preoccupied with technology that they don’t focus on their education and well-being. As of late 2017, a poll on mobile device usage from Common Sense Media found that 50 percent of teens said they “feel addicted” to their mobile devices."

"Our big idea is a product in the form of an app that will limit daily use on mobile phones. It will provide a reason for younger people to turn off their phones and focus on the real world. The main concept is a point-based system that you will receive from staying off your device for a set amount of time chosen by the user, each providing a different point amount based on the time you ‘Power Down’. After you have received these points, there will be prizes provided by local and growing businesses trying to promote themselves."

"Our app is aiming to benefit most teenagers who will want to gain gifts while doing something productive instead of sitting down doing nothing. We feel that most people will want to try the app because they can receive items for only staying away from their device for a set amount of time. When off screens, there are many benefits including reducing eyestrain, helping to prevent headaches, improving sleep and increasing focus."